Former Pantera’s up for lease

The brochure for the former Maplewood Pantera’s, at 7222 Manchester Road, highlights the building itself, parking, storage, location at a signalized location and Manchester Road visibility. 

The rate is $2,000 per month. According to St. Louis County records, the building is 878 square feet. The leasee will also pay taxes, insurance and maintenance (NNN). See a PDF of the brochure.

Pantera’s Pizza lost its lease in January. See also: Building owner: Pantera’s rent doubled, not quadrupled, Tim Hortons to break ground soon

Pantera’s said to watch its Facebook page for developments on a new location, but there’s no news on that yet.

7222 Manchester is for lease.

7222 Manchester is for lease.

6 thoughts on “Former Pantera’s up for lease

  1. Maplewood4Me…I think there was a story here before about the space for the former Three Rivers Aikido building and hair salon place being offered for $15 sq.ft. and that was a “reasonable” price in Maplewood. Wish the attached PDF listed the square footage of the place. Either way….pricey!

  2. So NOT worth $2,000/month. This will be vacant a L-O-N-G time due to greedy landlords. What a shame we are losing a good business due to greed.

  3. What is that building? Maybe 800-900 sq. feet? Forgive my math, but that equates to about $28-30 a sq.ft. That’s pretty pricey for Maplewood

  4. That building will need major renovations before it will ever pass any kind of inspection.