Inflatables stolen off Maplewood yards

Holiday decorative inflatables were stolen from yards on Elm and Flora avenues Friday night, a resident said.

They said one disappeared off Elm, and a yard on Flora lost three. They told the police, who said there had been no other reports of stolen inflatables.

6 thoughts on “Inflatables stolen off Maplewood yards

  1. Our neighbors on Del Norte had some inflatables taken this past week, and there’s a house on Yale at Bruno that had lights stolen.

  2. As long as we’re about thefts. The has been a rash of package thefts from people’s porches reported in the news recently.
    Yesterday I received a delivery of a gift from a friend. A large box. The delivery driver placed it right in front of the door where it was plainly visible from the sidewalk or the street. My porch has a brick porch rail. You would think the driver would put it behind the wall, concealed from the street would’d you?. Fortunately, I came home in time to retrieve it. The package delivery people are partly to blame for all the thefts. But why should they care, it’s not theirs.

  3. Our Santa and Reindeer inflatable was also stolen from our yard on Flora on 12/16 and we filed a police report when we noticed it missing that morning. They told us they thought it might have been kids messing around.