Maplewood Aldi will be super busy for 5 weeks

The Maplewood Aldi store will be very busy the next five weeks, an employee said Saturday — the crowd is coming from University City.

The University City Aldi, at 7701 Olive Boulevard, is closed until mid-February for interior remodeling. Employees and customers at the Maplewood store said they’re all coming here.

An employee said that everyday in Maplewood has been busy since the remodeling began a week ago. She called it a “war zone”.

Saturday afternoon there were no free parking spots, and there was a long line at every cashier.

4 thoughts on “Maplewood Aldi will be super busy for 5 weeks

  1. But how much of that Saturday crowd had to do with predictions of an ice storm for Sunday?

  2. If you’re able, some of you might consider driving over to the Shrewsbury Aldi’s. It’s not too far, and may save some frustration for a few weeks! It’s near the “new” WalMart on Watson, just over that little bridge from the WM parking lot.