Maplewood Aldi will be super busy for 5 weeks

The Maplewood Aldi store will be very busy the next five weeks, an employee said Saturday — the crowd is coming from University City.

The University City Aldi, at 7701 Olive Boulevard, is closed until mid-February for interior remodeling. Employees and customers at the Maplewood store said they’re all coming here.

An employee said that everyday in Maplewood has been busy since the remodeling began a week ago. She called it a “war zone”.

Saturday afternoon there were no free parking spots, and there was a long line at every cashier.

4 thoughts on “Maplewood Aldi will be super busy for 5 weeks

  1. If you’re able, some of you might consider driving over to the Shrewsbury Aldi’s. It’s not too far, and may save some frustration for a few weeks! It’s near the “new” WalMart on Watson, just over that little bridge from the WM parking lot.

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