Maplewood city council candidate addresses residents

Candidate for Maplewood Ward 2 Sarah Crosley has written a letter to Maplewood residents. The election is June 2.

To my Maplewood neighbors,

Over the last few months, COVID-19 has introduced many new challenges for us all, whether you’re a working parent, who is now also a homeschool teacher; a small business owner finding creative solutions and navigating federal relief programs; or someone just trying to move forward day-by-day.

Everyday I see more uplifting, positive stories about how our community in Maplewood is finding ways to support each other and our favorite local businesses.

For the past year and a half, I’ve worked for St. Louis County in multiple roles, and have been highly engaged in the County’s COVID-19 response from the beginning. On a daily basis, I work with a team of professionals who are dedicated to finding solutions for County residents, connecting people in need to services, and providing you information and education so that we can all keep each other safe.

The reasons I entered the race for City Council Ward 2 have not disappeared. Now, more than ever, we need solutions and protections for affordable housing and pedestrian safety. Local governments across the nation will have hard budget questions ahead of them, and in light of all that is going on, I know that I can rise to this challenge, and I have taken great inspiration from all of you who have stepped up as well.

Your vote has always been important to me, and this COVID-19 pandemic will not change that. Municipal elections are now on June 2nd. If you are concerned that you are at increased risk for COVID-19, you should request an absentee ballot by May 20 from the St. Louis County Board of Elections. I look forward to seeing all of you at the polls on June 2nd.


Sarah Crosley

One thought on “Maplewood city council candidate addresses residents

  1. We were all sent absentee ballot applications by the county a few days ago. If not, I’m sure it was an oversight.