6 thoughts on “Shop ‘n Save sign is gone

  1. What about a Trader Joe’s? That might be a good fit for the space and the location, altho’ Aldi is just a few blocks west.

  2. I’m hoping for a Kroger but I fear that we’ll be saddled with the same old predictable , tired and over priced, over saturated mini monopoly called Schnucks

  3. I’m afraid of the effect this will have on the small businesses across the street from the store, and the residents. Will probably decrease a lot of the walk-in traffic. What will happen to property values now? Kind of a blow to the area in a lot of ways. I hope something moves into the space quickly. At least there is lots more parking . . .

  4. I went Saturday for one last look. I’m kind of sorry I did. Too dismal. Completely empty shelves except for trash.

  5. Anyone know if you can still access the Red Box or the ATM that were in the lobby?