The coach is the reason for the winning season, says another MRH coach

The Maplewood Richmond Heights boys soccer team on Saturday, Nov. 5, played in the state championship game, losing to St. Paul Lutheran 1-0. MRH baseball coach Jonathan Webb has some observations on the team’s historic season (22-6), and gives a pat on the back to head soccer coach Ryan Robertson.

  • Since Ryan took over as head coach in 2014, MRH soccer is 54-24. To get to 54 wins prior to Ryan as head coach, you would have to combine every win between 2006-2013 — and you’d still be one short. For frame of reference, Ryan was a senior in high school in 2006, and was part of that 5-17 team.
  • Between 1999-2013, MRH soccer did not finish .500, and had a season high-water mark of 10 wins. He surpassed that total with 12 wins and a .500 record in his first year, and has been 42-12 since.
  • MRH is one of only two St. Louis-area boys soccer teams (Ladue is the other) to win 20 games in each of the past two seasons.
  • Ryan will be the first to tell you it takes a talented group of athletes to achieve such things, but the one, singular line of demarcation leading to MRH success in soccer was his hiring before the 2014 season.
  • He dresses OK, too.

In 2014, Jonathan Webb coached the MRH baseball team to its first district championship since 1963.

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