Hotel, retail, restaurants coming to Richmond Heights


Richmond Heights officials on Monday night passed the first reading of five bills related to approving a hotel plus mixed use — the Crossing at Richmond Heights — to be built on 6.4 acres at Highway 64/40, South Hanley Road, Dale Avenue and The Heights.

Summit Development Group president, Scott Reese, said after meeting the five-story Courtyard Marriott is the only piece that’s determined; they’re negotiating with retailers and restaurants. The 16,000 square feet of retail will be geared toward business travelers.

He said they hope to close on the property in January and start construction in mid-February. The retail is set to open in fall 2017, the hotel in spring 2018. It’s a $52 million project.

Because of the grade, retaining walls — up to eight feet high — will be required along Hanley and 64/40. The walls will be facing into the development, not out to the roads.

Richmond Heights neighbors had two concerns — water runoff and traffic. Erma McNeil, of the Church of the Living God, on Dale Avenue, said their church is at the bottom of the hill — they have no runoff water problems now, and they don’t want any.

George Stock, of Stock & Associates Consulting Engineers, said a vault will be buried on the property that will be big enough to retain the water in a sudden downpour, so runoff and sewerage won’t overflow into the creek.

A Yale Avenue resident wondered about a possible traffic bottleneck at the only entrance/exit to the development, on Dale. There will be parking for 365 cars.

Traffic engineer, Brian Rensing, with CBB Traffic Engineers, said the traffic from this development won’t be as much as at a Target store, for instance.  An  turning lane will be added on Dale at Hanley, and also on Dale at the entrance to the hotel.

A Courtyard Marriott is the only piece of the Crossing at Richmond Heights that’s set.










  1. I’d like to know from where they expect to fill up all those hotel rooms without impacting the surrounding hotels? Perhaps out of town tourists on a shopping spree to the Galleria and the Chesterfield outlet malls? St. Louis is not growing in terms of people nor spending so we are just making one group of developers rich at the expense of existing business owners.

    • Agree. This piece of property is why to steep for such a development and will cause nothing but erosion and water problems for those living at the bottom of the hill.

  2. This part of Hanley is already congested with traffic. It is already a nightmare! More retail is not needed. Menard’s front stores aren’t even all filled yet. Why is it that every tiny bit of green space has to be bulldozered and asfalted over?

  3. Don’t we have enough retail development in the Hanley/40 corridor already? This will make that intersection an absolute nightmare…

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