Toasty Subs is open

Toasty Subs, at 3001 South Big Bend Boulevard, opened on Friday. Owner Alex Liu on Monday said (despite the name), sushi is featured more than subs.

He said previously that sushi would come later but it’s on the menu now. There’s dining on the patio or inside. The drive-thru isn’t open yet.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily except Sunday, when it’s closed.

8 thoughts on “Toasty Subs is open

  1. The guy told me that they’ll have a website, but it is still being built. I tried the sushi. It was decent. Nice selection of rolls. I’d go back for sure, especially since Robata isn’t open for lunch.

  2. This may well have been addressed in an article I missed, but what’s going in across the street from this, on the old QuikTrip site? Thanks for the update on Toasty Subs. Think I’ll check it out this week sometime.

  3. So whybexactly is it called Toasty Subs if sushi is more prevalent than sandwiches?!?!

  4. I got a sub there the other day. It was a nice sandwich on locally sourced bread. Very friendly service. Ill be back for sure.

    • From what I saw I’d be surprised if they have a website at this point. I’ll check.