First 20 in line for Raising Cane’s, to open on Tuesday


The first 20 customers for the Maplewood Raising Cane’s ( 2707 S. Big Bend Boulevard) were lined up Monday afternoon for the Tuesday morning opening. Those first 20 will receive a meal a week for a year. First in line gets a gift basket too.

Angelo Matteuzzi, from St. Louis, was first. He arrived on Saturday with his dad. “I like the gift basket they give us, a Teddy Bear, and a Cane’s card so I can bring friends, and a lemonade that goes with it,”he said.

The next 18 started arriving Monday morning. Kevin Jordan said this is his ninth Raising Cane’s top 20 line. “I’ve been number one once but it’s nothing special. As long as I get in the top 20 I don’t care what number I am,” he said.

“I usually take the day off and go the day before,” Jordan said. “Me and my wife camp out. We bring everything we need — tent, sleeping bags and pillows. Camping out in advance five days or so is too much. I can’t do it. You want to shower. You want to do all kinds of things.”

Thomas Kinney, from nearby on McCausland Avenue said it’s about a free meal. “That always helps – saving money.” He was number 18 in line.

Some had passes to go drive through the drive-thru on Monday. Others had passes to dine in Monday evening.

The grand opening is set for Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Maplewood Raising Cane’s will be open Sunday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to midnight.

Angelo Matteuzzi, center, was first in line.
The first 20 line up on Ellis Avenue.
Drivers with passes were allowed to go through the drive-thru, as part of the restaurant’s training.


  1. Awe who cares….whatever people want to do shouldn’t matter to others. I’ve seen people do some stuff that makes me shake my head. I don’t think this is that crazy. A free meal once a week for a year is a good savings of money in my opinion. Good for you first 20 🙂

  2. Really? For greasy chicken fingers? These folks are only doing this for the free stuff and for publicity. Some of these folks also can show you what eating greasy unhealthy food will do to your body.

  3. The saddest part was when I realized I was the 21st person… I had been in line for four hours!

  4. The saddest part was when I realized I was the 21st person. I had been waiting four hours!

  5. When I thought my opinion in humanity was at an all time low, I read something like this and realize it can get a lot lower.

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