$2.2 Million Defective Drug Lawsuit Filed in Missouri


A lawsuit alleging serious defects in hyoscyamine, a drug used to treat stomach and intestinal problems, has resulted in a judgement of over $2.2 million in St. Louis County Circuit Court, St. Louis Business Journal reports. Hyoscyamine is produced and distributed by Virtus, a niche pharmaceuticals company based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. It’s important that Brentwood, Maplewood, and Richmond Heights residents taking any medication stay up to date with the latest safety issues, lawsuits, and recalls in order to protect their health, such as this lawsuit.

Serious injuries

In October 2019, Adrienne Ramsey-Smith of Missouri sued Virtus Pharmaceuticals LLC. According to Ramsey-Smith, she was prescribed hyoscyamine by her doctor in June 2019. Hyoscyamine sulfate tablets are commonly used to treat muscle cramps in the bowels or bladder. However, the hyoscyamine taken by Ramsey-Smith “was not reasonably safe due to the defective potency,” the lawsuit states. As such, Ramsey-Smith “sustained injuries to her heart, nervous system, skin and head.” Additionally, the suit said her ability to “work, labor and enjoy life has been and will in the future be impaired.”  

Default judgement

Virtus Pharmaceuticals failed to show up in St. Louis County Circuit Court and, as a result, Judge Jason Dodson made the decision to enter a default judgment. This decision was made after “having considered the record, the credible evidence and all inferences therefrom”. Neither Virtus nor Ramsey-Smith’s attorney, Spencer Farris who works at the SE. Farris Law Firm, have publicly commented on the case. 

The Elmiron scandal 

Defective drugs are unfortunately a serious issue in the United States. In particular, the Elmiron scandal is another well-known defective drug lawsuit currently taking place. Elmiron is a popular prescription bladder medication linked to retinal damage, blind spots, and blurred and distorted vision. Roughly 25% of patients with long-term exposure to the drug have been found to show signs of retinal damage. In an Elmiron class action lawsuit, a team of experienced attorneys strive to help clients assert their legal rights and recover monetary compensation. All affected individuals should know the time they legally have to claim compensation is limited, so acting fast is an imperative.  

Any retinol damage caused by taking Elmiron can be stopped by ceasing to take the drug. If continued, however, permanent blindness can occur. Brentwood, Maplewood, and Richmond Heights residents who suspect their medication may be defective should stop taking it immediately and contact their doctors.

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