Ballot is set for Maplewood council election: challenger in every ward


The incumbent in each of Maplewood’s three wards will be running for their seats April 2, 2019 General Municipal Election, and each will have a challenger. Filing to run for Maplewood City Council closed on November 20.

The incumbents and challengers for each ward:

  • Ward 1 — Karen Wood (incumbent), Jason Goldkamp
  • Ward 2 — Eleanor Pardini, Tim Dunn (incumbent)
  • Ward 3 — Jenny Schmidt (incumbent), Nicholas (Scott) Criscione

Jason Goldcamp announced his run in April 2018.

Eleanor Pardini filed to run in October.

Scott Criscione announced earlier this week that he had obtained the needed signatures.


  1. I will be voting to keep Jenny, as well. Scott Criscione has posted some questionable material on his Twitter account, and I do not think his values align with those of our community.
    The posts include him in digital blackface and the use of the N word.
    Help spread the word!

  2. As a Ward 3 resident I will be voting for Jenny Schmidt. Jenny has been phenomenal on the city council, I knew her before she ran as a youth soccer coach for MRH Youth Sports, a MRH ECC PTO volunteer, and an engaged community member. I have gone to her over the past year with questions, concerns, and problems and she has always thoughtfully and diligently addressed them and acted as a true advocate and partner to myself as well as many other Ward 3 residents.

  3. I will be voting for Jenny in Ward 3 and offer a strong endorsement for Eleanor to my neighbors and friends in Ward 2. Both are brilliant and driven women who have proven their dedication to or community through engagement and collaboration between neighbors and the city. Jenny worked hard to accommodate folks on Marietta and Eleanor’s involvement on the Sustainability Commission and with community organizing is inspiring.

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