Brentwood, MRH school districts ranked among best in Missouri


Fox 2 News reports that Brentwood High School and Maplewood Richmond Heights are in a ranking of the top 20 public school districts in Missouri.

The ranking comes from Stacker, which compiled the list of the best school districts in Missouri using rankings from Niche. Niche ranks school districts based on criteria including academics, teacher salaries, expenses per student, and access to extracurricular activities.

Niche ranks Brentwood at fifth in the state and MRH at #11. Clayton was ranked at #1.

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  1. Maplewood today has a very high degree of achievement, fabulous programming and parent/student satisfaction while being one of the most diverse MO districts with about 49% of students in some level of need. Our community is very supportive too! Our small size, in my opinion, helps also! An old educator, I brag about us all the time!! Was on the school board in harsher days. Congrats, MRH💙❣️

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