Brentwood city to consider controlling officials’ access to buildings, removing ‘hazardous’ trees


Brentwood officials at their meeting on Monday will consider a resolution to remove ‘hazardous or compromised’ trees  trees from city property and authorize the funds for the job.

Alderman Tom Kramer responded to an email from 40 South News and said the 2014 Brentwood Tree Study referred to 99 hazardous or compromised trees proposed to be taken down.

He said about two thirds of the trees remain, and the resolution provides the funding, and any pruning and planting/replanting described in the study, if funds remain. Alderman Dimmitt authored the resolution, Kramer said.

Also on the agenda, the officials will consider a resolution for the city of Brentwood to implement an access control system at city buildings for its elected officials. In June 2016, the board of aldermen approved a similar policy for employees.

The aldermen will also consider a bill to authorize the city to enter into a cooperative fire training officer agreement with Clayton and Maplewood. The training officer would be dedicated  to training firefighters, paramedics and other personnel in the departments.

See a synopsis of the bill and resolutions the Brentwood aldermen will consider on Monday.


  1. A security system to “control” employee access to city buildings should include sign in and out for everyone entering any building, including delivery services and the general public.
    Every square inch of each building should have recorded video and audio coverage, including the restrooms. That way Bola could monitor everyone’s “movements”!

    OR, employees could just lock their office doors!

    The cost for this update, and addition employees/contractual agreements to administer this debacle will be astronomical, but perhaps the Mayor could use it for his promotional videos!

  2. Right you are Harold. Brentwood leadership is fully subscribed to the Obama doctrine of more Gov’t is better for all with the tax payers footing the bill. Brentwood residents need to rise up and force a vote on dis-incorporation like St. George and Peerless Park to stop this wasteful spending and corruption. RH or Clayton can absorb this tiny burb and alleviate the hit to honest taxpayers.

  3. Well, well, well. Part two comes into play. First the study, next three city’s join in a Firefighter school what’s next ? This is what a lot of residents are talking about. When a firefighter comes looking for a job he or she is a graduate of the fire academy! Some have the schooling for EMT, Paramedic and so on. Now with the new way, the city’s pick up the Total Cost. Sound like a winner for the taxpayers to me. How can some city’s find qualified people and others just pick up people off the street and train them. The city to my north (RH) only has academy graduates, all of them are EMT, did I say ALL Firefighters are EMT’s ! Way to go Richmond Heights. The cost to that city’s residents “0” tax dollars ! This is what some were talking about, the building of a Kingdom. Sounds like Clayton is going to be the BIG guy on the block. What’s next, Firetruck driving school? What about a hose rolling school? As soon as ALL city’s get an Ambulance, we can have an Ambulance driving school with a miner in Band-Aid’s. The cost of this Big City Fire Academy should be the eye opener of things to come. Get out your wallet for the exter taxes, you will have to feed this monster from now on! How about one school Dist? (Forget Clayton, they have said No way No time) On Big City Government? Streets, Building Depts, Trash ? I would love for the other city’s to fix our streets. My city is to busy building a firehouses! The City of St. Louis is starting to look good. Why build it one dept. at a time? Just move to where it is ( NOT) working now. The City of St. Louis. You better start thinking now before the election or re-election of our city Mayors and Council. If this thing comes to pass, you will see our city’s name on a milk carton. One to five city’s lost. If found, you may keep them all!

    • Harold,

      I’d like to address some of your concerns and statements:

      This joint training is not a firefighter school, but a program to ensure your firefighters and paramedics are trained to the highest standards. We continue to train in order to keep up with the ever changing demands of the job. All firefighters at Brentwood Fire Department are trained through the St Louis County Fire Academy, and did so on their own time and money prior to being hired. Brentwood Fire does not sponsor recruits to go through the academy, therefore it is no cost to the residents. Also, all firefighters at Brentwood are trained to the level of EMT, with 14 of our staff being certified as Paramedics. Our current standards for employment are:
      -St Louis County Fire academy
      -State certified in Firefigter I & II
      -State certified in Hazardous Materials awareness and operations
      -Licensed Paramedic
      -Advanced Cardiac Life Support
      -Pediatric Advanced Life Support
      -Candidate Physical Agility Test certified
      -International Trauma Life Support

      All of the above certifications are required to apply as a Firefighter in the city of Brentwood.

      This training program is to provide continuing education in many different areas such as fire suppression, building construction, high angle rescue, trench rescue, hazardous materials, etc. It will also ensure the city maintains a high ISO rating, which keeps insurance premiums low and affordable.

      I hope this information clears up some of the questions you may have.

      Thank you,
      John Youngblood
      Brentwood Firefighter

      • Thank you John and the rest or the Fire Department for your service to our community. I believe more Brentwood residents feel the way I do about our Fire and Police Departments that they are astounding and do not get enough positive attention for the work they do.


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