Tuesday’s carjacking in Maplewood: an update


Maplewood police gave an update to 40 South News Wednesday morning on the armed carjacking that took place at Sutton Boulevard and Lyndover Place early Tuesday morning.

The victim’s car, a Ford Focus, was recovered in north St. Louis City Tuesday afternoon, and four male suspects, ages 19 to 25, have been arrested and charges are pending.

The carjacking took place at around 1:45 a.m. Tuesday. One of the suspects struck the victim in the face multiple times, possibly with a handgun, then the suspects stole his car.

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  1. Excellent work Maplewood PD.

    When you were alerted to the carjacking did you immediately head for North St. Louis City to find the car?

    Lucky these violators didn’t confront a citizen who has a permit to carry.

    The down side is clothing and feeding them for a period of time.

  2. Would love to know more about these perps and what they were doing in this area. Did they know the guy, or was this random? Really frightening that this happened at Ryan Hummert Park.

      • And also my brother has lived in that apartment for years he even walked around there several times nothing liked this has ever happened to him before. It was right outside his apartment.

      • That’s my brother he’s doing well. He has stitches on his lip and staples on the back of his head. I’m very glad they were caught so they don’t do this to another innocent person and the police got his car back . I like to Thank the detectives and ther police or anyone else involved in giving my brother peace in seeing the crimmals locked up where they belong.
        Thank you guys very much!!!


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