City council holds closed meetings for legal matters — UPDATE: council member is accused of violations


The Maplewood City Council held a closed session meeting on December 28 and a second is scheduled for the 30th for legal matters, according to the city’s website.

The agenda for both meetings is stated: “Motion to hold a Closed Session to discuss matters relating to legal actions, causes of action or litigation involving a public governmental body under Section 610.021(1)RSMO.”

According to multiple sources, the Maplewood City Council is conducting an investigation into an accusation that one of its members has violated ethics standards.

According to sources, at a meeting on December 30, which was closed to the public, a committee composed of city council members interviewed residents named to have knowledge about the accusations against the council member.

A resident is accusing the council member of verbally assaulting them and damaging their name in the community.

Two of the witnesses brought in by the council said later to 40 South News that the accusations aren’t true, and also that the resident is accusing them of being a mouthpiece for the council member in the community, which they both also deny. The witnesses did not sign a non-disclosure agreement, they said.

If the council member is found guilty, the consequences can range from censure to removal from the council. An appeal can also be made, which can include a public hearing.

The deadline for the council’s decision is Jan. 4.

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