Loss of Shop ‘n Save costing Maplewood thousands in tax revenue


According to the city manager, the loss of Shop ‘n Save in Maplewood is causing an adjustment to the city’s budget, currently being worked on by the city staff.

Maplewood City Manager Marty Corcoran told 40 South that when all sources of revenue related to Shop ‘n Save are considered, the loss to the city is estimated at over $500,000. That amount will be taken into consideration in the city’s 2017-18 budget.

City officials have planned a work session at the beginning of the next city council meeting to discuss the budget.

To put that in some perspective, the total property tax revenue for the city (estimated) for 2016-17 is $3,450,000, and for 2014-15 it was $3,126,274 (actual). See the full city budget for 2016-17: PublicBudget2016-17

The city will receive an extra $400,000 from the St. Louis County’s Proposition P, earmarked for public safety.

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  1. They drove me to Walmart. I got tired of having to make two separate grocery runs for soda just because Shop N Save refused to carry the world’s most popular brand: regular old diet coke. And then who’s gonna go back after finding out how much cheaper Walmart is? I was also perpetually irked by that obnoxious Coke products sale that they ran for like a year straight, the one that blocked out ordinary, reasonable sales month after month after month. I suspect they may have been strangled by some licensing deal.

  2. I shopped at SnS… but I don’t go to Walmart or Aldi’s. I’ve been doing my grocery shopping at Schnuck’s in Richmond Heights.

  3. Does that include sales tax revenue as well? Does their estimate account for the possibility that much of the sales SnS would’ve gotten will go to the other grocery options in the city (Walmart and Aldi)?

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