Crossing at Richmond Heights: what’s coming


The Crossing at Richmond Heights, under construction at Dale Avenue and Hanley Road will include a Marriott hotel, a Red Robin, and five other businesses, according to an employee in a Brinkmann Construction trailer on the site.

In addition to the Marriott Courtyard, a Red Robin restaurant will occupy an outbuilding on the west side of the property, along Hanley Road.

The shared building will house a Starbucks, a Cyclebar fitness business, a Vitality Bowls Superfood Cafe (according to Google it’s already open, see below), a Firehouse Subs and a Blaze Pizza.

The employee said the soonest something might open would be the Red Robin, in April or May.

The strip mall, set to house Starbucks, Cyclebar,Vitality Bowls, Firehouse Subs and Blaze Pizza.


  1. From the Dec 27 edition of the Post Dispatch Online Forum “Ask the Road Crew” regarding Dale/Hanley intersection:

    Last week, a ‘Road Crew’ reader asked: ” Hi there. When ‘The Crossing’ at Dale and Hanley is completed, or nearing completion, is there going to be an improvement to the lights at that intersection? Currently there are no left turn arrows or dedicated turn times from Dale and Musick Memorial Drive onto Hanley, and it could get more congested with that new shopping center. Thanks!” ST. LOUIS COUNTY’S REPLY: At this point, we have no plans to adjust the signals now in place at the intersection of Hanley Road and Dale Avenue/Musick Avenue. However, once the new development is completed and open to the public, the Department of Transportation’s signals team will monitor traffic there to evaluate the need for any signal timing or signal phasing changes. David Wrone, St. Louis County

  2. We can complain all we want, but the reality is without commercial development, our taxes would go up significantly (or huge cuts in services). Just see what % of Maplewood’s budget comes from sales tax revenue generated from Lowe’s, Walmart and Sam’s.

  3. I love this use of what has been dead space for 20 years. Great job everyone involved with making this development happen.

  4. There had better be a plan in place to handle the increased traffic heading east on Highway 40 off of Hanley Rd. How many accidents does Richmond Heights have to respond to already at that very popular accident location? If they have the foresight to be dealing with this situation, it had better not be just an increase in fire and police budget.

  5. RH politicos could care less about it citizens quality of life and those that have to pass thru their burb. They want to jam as much tax generating businesses as they can in their limited real estate. The Hanley/40 intersection will become a major choke point impacting all East/West and North/South commuters once the 300+ room apartment box and hotel and strip mall are shoehorned in….

    • TOTALLY AGREE! I bought my house four years ago on a nice and quiet little area practically down the street from this development. I am not looking forward to all of the traffic and congestion this will cause in addition to all of what we are experiencing now. I’m also afraid others will start to use the side streets (my street) to get around causing an increase in traffic in my used to be quiet area…

      Again, I am NOT looking forward this.

  6. The march to turn Richmond Heights into Ballwin continues. It started in Brentwood 20 years ago with the Target and the redevelopment of Brentwood Square and spread a little to Maplewood when the Lowe’s/ Walmart/ Sam’s Club went in. As much as I hate to see the character of this part of the county change there isn’t much anyone can do to stop it.

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