Eagle spotted in Maplewood


A bald eagle flew over John Harbaugh on Margarette Avenue in Maplewood on Friday. He got a photo when it landed in a tree.


  1. Nice shot! I’ve been very pleased to see an increasingly wide variety of raptors hovering over our neighborhood in recent years, and am grateful for all the tall trees and gardens (especially my own, can’t wait to get back out there!) that create habitat and food for them. Some people freak out when a coyote walks down the street, but I feel that having wildlife living alongside us is a sign of a healthy ecosystem.

  2. Please do not put rat poison out. When wildlife consumes an animal that has eaten poison- they die. And it carries on for 4-5 generations. Killing an Eagle is a federal offense. Contact Fish & Wildlife for more information.

    • Mine raise quite a ruckus when there is a hawk around. Haven’t lost any to an eagle but a few years ago found a chicken whose throat had been partially slit from some unknown cause – she lived a few days afterward before she died.

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