Ellen DeGeneres surprises Walgreens cashier


Ellen DeGeneres surprised Walgreens (Big Bend and Clayton) cashier Mike Haynes with a large check after lots of his regular customers had already donated to help him, to thank him for his kindness.

A regular customers, Stacy Tasman, organized the fundraiser for Haynes.

Tasman said on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, “Every time I walk in I get so excited to see him. He is just so genuine and warm and kind. We wanted to come together and show him exactly what he means to us, and give us the chance to brighten his day.”

More than 280 donors gave $6,350 to the cause. Haynes lives paycheck to paycheck, and also takes care his mother.

DeGeneres, along with Shutterfly, gave Haynes an additional $10,000.

Mike Haynes and Stacy Tasman (right) on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Via Ellentube


  1. Honest to god, I thought he was messing with me the first time or two I encountered this. Who would go that far out of there way to give a genuine hello with a huge line of customers like that?! It took me a couple times of going in there to believe what I was receiving. I don’t know Mike past the 15 or 20 hello’s I’ve gotten (batting 1000 I’m sure) and subtle chit-chat during checkout, but Mike is the real deal. He’s changed my crabby attitude at least a couple times during a hectic and sick drugstore run. Thanks Mike!

  2. Wow, this is really exciting and in our own backyards. This is really great. Every time I go into Walgreens, Mike Haynes is always there. He is friendly, and always asks, How are you doing with a smile on his face. He seems upbeat and is attentive to his customers. Walgreens is lucky to have him.

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