Fire fighters douse blaze in downtown Maplewood


Fire fighters from at least Maplewood, Richmond Heights and Clayton responded Monday at around 6 a.m. to a fire in the the middle of the 7300 block of Manchester Road in Maplewood. Submitted video and photos, at around 6:30 a.m.

There were no injuries, according to a fire fighter in the area. A resident was told that the fire was in the roof above Boogaloo and The Crow’s Nest.

It took approximately three hours for responders to clear and area.

Photos via Maplewood Police Department.

Photos below via Maplewood resident on Marietta Avenue.

Fire fighters used the hydrant on Marietta Avenue.
Fire fighters work on the roof to assure the fire is out.


  1. On Dave’s comment, it’s very sad that you are more concerned about your comfort than the safety and health of the residents involved. What would be even sadder would be if the MFD didn’t use all the appropriate precautions and warnings, and as a result, lives would have been harmed. Thanks to the care and efficiency that our fire department used in taking care of the situation.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The fire department did a great job. Is there any practical reason all that equipment needs to blare their sirens at 6 AM? Was there that much traffic? Were they afraid some moron couldn’t see the flashing lights from a block away?

    • I was out running at the time and I saw a woman cross Big Bend against the light right in front of one of the fire trucks. So yeah, they need to make a lot of noise.

      • Yep sure sounds like Dave didn’t have his coffee yet that morning. While I understand it sucks to get woke up by loud noises, it’s not like it’s everyday there’s a fire in Maplewood.

  3. Thanks to the Maplewood Fire Department and other neighboring companies for their quick and effective response! Crow’s Nest sustained minor smoke damage and opened around noon today. Penzeys took in smoke and water and should re-open soon. We will re-build so Harmony Health & Healing can return. I can’t speak about Boogaloo or Shanti Yoga (both had smoke in their places) because they are not my tenants, but I suspect they will re-open soon.

  4. Glad no one was injured! The reporter from channel 5, however, kept referring to the business where the fire started as a “message parlor” and “above Penzy’s” in her morning report. I’m almost without words to correct how wrong the image is that she drew.
    Penzy’s does not now, nor has it ever, had a flaming massage parlor above it. Maplewood does not now, nor has it ever, had a “massage parlor” of any ilk in its downtown.

  5. It started in a closet at Harmony, Health and Healing, which is above Penzey’s Spices. Shanti Yoga, which is next to Penzey’s, took smoke damage. Harmony will rebuild, fire marshal said that it wasn’t a complete loss.


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