Former Wilkinson School under contract: apartments planned


The former Wilkinson School, on Arsenal in the Ellendale neighborhood, is under contract and will be redeveloped into apartments and mixed use, St. Louis aldermen Scott Ogilvie posted on Twitter Tuesday.

St. Louis Public Schools had listed it for sale at $602,500 and now says it’s under contract.

Also according to the school district: “Wilkinson School was dedicated on January 3, 1928. It was designed by R.M. Milligan and named for merchant Melville Wilkinson (1865-1925). This property is currently under contract with plans to be developed into affordable housing for teachers.”

Wilkinson School from Canterbury


  1. If it is affordable housing for teachers, will it have a lunch room and craft room? I can smell the chalk already! Glad they are refurbishing the building instead of razing it!

  2. Great news. So happy it will be rehabilitated & put to good use again. Man, I’d love to see inside before the renovation!

  3. That’s great, my Elementary school in Webster Groves, Goodall was converted 20 + years ago a great way to repurpose, the architecture of old schools are so interesting and inspiring.. my kids late 20’s love that.. more rehabs need to be done

  4. I worked on a house in that neighborhood maybe 10 or 15 years ago and remember hearing the kids outside playing at recess, the school busses loading and unloading kids. Just a couple of weeks ago I was wondering how long it was going to stay vacant and if it was still not too deteriorated. Glad to see it being put to use.

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