‘Hooters-like’ restaurant set to open in Maplewood


A group plans to open a Twin Peaks franchise restaurant in Maplewood this year, according to the St. Louis Business Journal.

via Facebook
Twin Peaks waitresses, via Facebook

An operating partner told the Business Journal they expect the Maplewood location to open this summer, along with one in Chesterfield.

The Maplewood location will be housed in the former Olive Garden at 2351 Maplewood Commons Drive. The Olive Garden closed on short notice in August 2015.

‘Scantily clad’ waitresses serve beer and food to sports-watching customers at the restaurant. It is often compared to Hooters, the Business Journal reports.

The restaurant will staff between 125 and 175 employees, according to the Business Journal.

Read the full post in the St. Louis Business Journal.

Update: Maplewood Assistant City Manager Anthony Traxler said Tuesday that the new restaurant is a ‘permitted use’ under Maplewood zoning, so they do not need Plan Commission approval.


  1. My husband and I moved to Maplewood 12 years ago. We have two daughters and love the community. Maplewood is a family oriented city. Look at the growth in our schools as proof. I am really disappointed that TP will be taking over this space. The O G was a place I could take my girls. I obviously can’t speak for all of the families in the area, but what percentage of parents will go there with their kids? I’m not against chains or big box businesses, just saying I don’t see the need for this one with its cheap gimmick.

  2. I probably won’t ever go there, but I’d definitely put this in the “win” category for Maplewood. When large chains like the Oliver Garden close, it is very hard to find restaurants to fill those large empty spaces. Because of its location by the Lowe’s and Red Lobster, it would be highly unlikely to attract the type of restaurants that are on the strip like Reeds American Table or Acero. This is a much better scenario than having a vacant building there that might fall into disrepair.

    • I agree Jane. The Strip area where this will be located is really not the heart of Maplewood. You can find a strip area like that in any town in the USA.

  3. Some answers and clarification:

    AirBnB is allowed in Maplewood through a conditional use permit to insure the safety of AirBnB customers and any concerns neighbors may have. We passed this a few months ago.

    The City of Maplewood does try and court some businesses here. The Maplewood Chamber of Commerce also does a nice job of courting some of the finest businesses in Maplewood. But it seems to me that folks have forgotten that we live in a Free Market economy. No one that I am aware of “courted” Twin Peaks to move to Maplewood. I am sure they thought Maplewood’s empty Olive Garden was an excellent location for a number of reasons, called the landowners and began negotiating a lease. Thier business is not illegal; some may not agree with their theme and decor, but that’s ok. We have not seen anything regarding Twin Peaks as of yet; if the negotiations go well, I am sure they will have a plan before P&Z shortly and then the Council for the Conditional Use Permit. So to think that the City of Maplewood “courts” businesses in general is not correct. We have many, many businesses inquire with the City to move here. We don’t have control over who decides to move here as long as the business is legal and operates within our ordinances. One recent example of the Council expressing concern for a particular business that wanted to move to Maplewood is the “Professional Cuddling” business; since the state did not have any certification process for Cuddling, we felt uncomfortable with them moving here and some of the legal issues surrounding it bothered us and told them so. What we didn’t have control over is them looking at Maplewood, for whatever reason that may be.

    As for becoming the new South County; not sure I follow you Amper. In no respect are we anything like South County, or for that matter, like any other municipality in my eyes. Yes, we do have some big box commercial along the Hanley corridor, but other than that area we are pretty unique and eclectic with great people, businesses and schools!

    I guess what I find troubling in the comments in articles like this is that it is so easy to write mean and inaccurate things behind a pen name. If you are really that concerned, please stop by and let’s have a discussion. I would be more than happy to listen and see if we can address your concerns!

    Shawn Faulkingham
    Councilmember Ward 3
    City of Maplewood, MO
    [email protected]

    • Hi,
      Thanks for all that. Really. Your comments are appreciated. I think it was Jon, though, who mentioned south county. And someone called the mayor a goober, which wasn’t very nice. I just linked to an article about the shoot out at a Twin Peaks in Waco, which is perhaps something at least worth reading about? Thanks for the good work.

  4. Nine out of 10 biker gang members agree: Twin Peaks is THE best place to start a deadly shootout! gtty.im/1RloDnI

  5. Hey Maplehood! I really have no issue with you bringing in people that like to look at T&A; bring it on…. Here is my issue..you freak out because residents would like others to enjoy our culture, and local charm. Using airbnb.com sounds perefect….. but it’s not allowed. Maybe they want to come in town to visit old Maplewood. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, walk down ‘main street’ and do some shopping, swing by Jimmy Johns for a quick bite for lunch. As it gets later, let’s have a nice dinner at Monarch…wait….the Tiger place…OH WAIT ALL GONE! So after going to a good dinner at Boogaloo, we would love to freshen up at our AIRBNB. WELL, THAT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN. I guess since we have no steady taxi service, I will call and pay double to drive those few miles into Clayton.(I can only afford to stay in Clayton because I saved up 3 years of travel points). If I can afford the ride back….(thank goodness, I saved), that super hip town has lots of other places I want to visit!. I’m going to sing some karaoke at Las Palmas after a few yummy margaritas. If the night goes great… let’s head down Manchester to the 3 am bars. Crud..now another over priced cab ride! I hope we have enough left to get those legendary White Castles I keep hearing about! In the morning I avoid the Galleria…but stop at strange donuts..for that bacon donut!. Time to head home..but I must stop at Shop ‘n Save to get some snacks before we head out. I hear the best place for gas and soda (I should probably use the super clean restrooms, before we head out) is Quick Trip. WHAT A GREAT TRIP…. WAIT! NONE OF THAT HAPPENED BECAUSE I HAD NO PLACE TO STAY!

    • Actually, they’re working on the AirBnB thing. Maplewood has historically been a non-tourist community, hence the dearth of lodging. The city knows this and is working on it, but there’s not much infrastructure for hotels.

    • Wow……I’ve always heard the key to failure is trying to please everybody…..the replies to this article are proof of that.

      Kim, use Yelp and stay at the Spring Hill Suites on Hanley, and quit whining.

      As far as this restaurant goes, not my first choice, but I bet they will do a heck of a business over there……that is franchise alley….we Maplewoodians don’t really count that as Maplewood……(except for the revenue it produces! ;o)

      • Awesome! I lived off Oxford for 9 years… before hipsters thought it was cool. I love this town and want to see it excel! I planned my 20 year reunion over the summer, so I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn when I speak of hotel prices. I tried to give a review from an outside perspective since I’ve had many friends visit and gotten lots of feedback. Even now that I moved out of town… I still do all of my shopping in Maplewood.

    • The irony in the mayor voting down Airbnb because it brings in “sex perverts”, while allowing a “T&A” establishment, is not lost on me, Kim.

  6. Boo! Why is Maplewood always courting this kind of thing? It’s not appropriate anywhere, but it doesn’t even fit here.
    Dance Studio… Print Shop… Hardware Store… Mexican Restaurant… Pseudo-Strip-Joint…. One of these things is not like the others, Y’all!

  7. Oh no, a new business in the area that will provide jobs and tax revenue. Grrrr!

    What? It will take up space in a currently vacant building? Let’s all get properly upset!!!

    The location is not even in the heart of quaint little Maplewood!!! I’m so mad!

    Quit forcing me to patron restaurants that ‘exploit’ females! Rawr!!!!!

    • Yup… Especially those poor females who purposely fill out job applications & rake in a buttload of tips… The poor things…

    • I think most fair minded residents are happy to see a new business come to Maplewood but is it too much to ask for something a little less pervy?

      • Um, the city allowed an establishment featuring burlesque shows to operate in the heart of downtown. The Olive Garden building needed a new operator with the means to remove all the lovely faux Tuscan villa details, which was more likely to be a chain. So it’s a chain, operating among other chains and big box stores, away from Maplewood’s independent restaurants and bars. If they play by the rules, and there are no biker gang shootouts in the parking lot, I’m good with it.

  8. These are wildly popular around the country. Basically replacing the failing Hooters everywhere. It’s funny how people get tired of one type of restaurant only to go wild over a new one that is basically the same thing. In any case, I too wish this was not coming to Maplewood. We have enough economic growth without needing places like TP.

  9. I’ve been to one of these in georgia. It’s actually pretty classy. Good food, good beer, and somehow more upscale than hooters.

  10. Seriously disappointed Mapelwood. I need to pay more attention to businesses requesting operation licenses. I would have voiced an opinion about class, franchises, and female exploitation. At least it’s not on Manchester!

    • It doesn’t belong on Manchester because of its commercial appeal, but me and my family are happy about it coming to Maplewood in general.

      Female exploitation??? No. Swing and a miss, Anne. Establishments like this are far more family oriented and kid friendly than most people realize. I’m not saying it’s just like Friday’s or Chili’s in that regard because the child menu is lacking. It’s just that people assume too much.

      When we ate at a Hooters recently I bet my wife that the percentage of female customers would be at least 40%. It was actually over 50% that night. Only problem was that all 12 highchairs were taken. Our pediatrician was there with his wife and they were using 2 of them for their children.

  11. You’ve got to be kidding. Who the heck approved this? Next we will hear that the red lobster is closing and a dog fighting operation is moving in. Stay classy indeed.

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