In Maplewood: new signs, new names


The Maplewood Design and Review Board met Wednesday to discuss requests for commercial alterations and new signs, and residential alterations.

The city clerk said some of the signs are for existing businesses being renamed.

Toasty Subs is being renamed to Yummi Tummi. It was the result of more than 200 customer votes for the name in a poll. Expect to see the new sign in a couple of months.

From the board’s agenda:

  • Get the Word Out, 7405 Manchester Road, is an existing business
  • Mercy Go Health Urgent Care, 2015 Maplewood Commons Drive, is a new business
  • Side Project Brewing, 7458 Manchester Road, is an existing business
  • Toasty Subs, 3001 S. Big Bend Boulevard, is renaming to Yummi Tummi
  • JZ Properties, 7185 Manchester Avenue, is renaming to JZ Vacation rentals

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  1. Congratulations. The food is great,but your sign is your best salesperson. Very smart investment. Thanks for investing in Maplewood.

  2. This is the type of stilted, oddly amusing sort of name that screams Asian. Great name for a great addition to the neighborhood. Now if we could just get a similar Indian restaurant (great food, yet inexpensive with carry out,) we’d be set!

  3. this was actually needed, this restaurant should lean on the fact they sell sushi and have Japanese iced drinks: this gives it the a unique dining establishment notch.

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