Jersey Shore themed ice cream shop planned for Maplewood


The I Scream Cakes shop, open in Maplewood (7326B Manchester Road) for two and a half months before closing in early August, is reopening as another ice cream shop with new owners and a new concept.

Courtesy Eric Moore

Eric and Laurie Moore plan to reopen the shop with a Jersey Shore theme. They saw the post in 40 South News about I Scream closing and texted the owner, Mike McLaughlin, who they know, and set up a time to talk.

“I wasn’t looking for an ice cream shop,” Eric said. “It was just a side project because our main thing is, we own real estate in Atlanta. We live here and I’ll go down to Atlanta once a month and check on the property.”

They said the income from their commercial property in Georgia will help them weather the slow ice cream months in Maplewood.

They’re calling it Boardwalk Waffles and Ice Cream. “It’s a spinoff of the Jersey Shore thing,” Eric said. “That’s where I’m from. Seaside Heights, Atlantic City — all the boardwalks — it’s a staple of the East Coast from New Jersey to New York.”

Scoops of Serendipity ice cream will go on Belgian style waffles — four different flavors — that they’ll make in the shop and cut into triangles with powdered sugar on top.

They plan to repaint the shop inside with a beach scene on one side and vintage back and white boardwalk scenes on the other.

Eric moved to St. Louis in 1993 from New Jersey. “It was going to be a pit stop but never left,” he said. “I opened up several Bread Company’s when they were independent. Did dishes when I was 13, all the way through to being an assistant chef at a country club.”

Eric and Laurie Moore, in their future Boardwalk Waffles and Ice Cream
Eric and Laurie Moore, in their future Boardwalk Waffles and Ice Cream


  1. WHA WHA WAA WATCH THE TRAM CAR, PLEASE…. On the Boardwalk in NJ-Sea Isle- and probably others too but get out of it’s mercy.

  2. So excited! My son and daughter in law live in maple wood and I grew up at the jersey shore! I’ll be by whenever I feel homesick which is often! Sally Hennelly

  3. That’s awesome! Now my kids will have a another good reason for why they like the Moore family.

  4. Can’t wait! Am from NYC, moved to Howell NJ…now here since 2005. My family and I go back every year and bring stuff back…lol..nice to see some east coast deliciousness come to st. Louis. Best of luck.


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