Maplewood officials postpone $64,000 question


Maplewood officials did not vote, at their meeting on Tuesday, on how to use the $64,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds. The vote was tabled, Mayor Barry Greenberg said on Wednesday.

Greenberg said the city has until the council’s June 13 meeting before a decision has to be made. There won’t be a second meeting in May.

He said the council would like to hear any more comments from citizens until then. Written comments can be given to Greenberg or any other council member. City Manager Marty Corcoran said all comments will be attached to the application for the block grant.

A Maplewood resident at the meeting reported to 40 South that three residents commented at the meeting, and about 10 others were there.

According to the report, the residents talked about needing a trail in Kellogg park, and that they also commented about the responsiveness of the city to public comments, and the need for more community engagement by the council, especially in regarding people of color and from low income households.

Some talked about frustration with the city doing the bare minimum to advertise the notice for public comment (now in the paper and at City Hall), when the city has a Facebook page, twitter and 40 South to make use of. The city manager said they would look into using online media to better publicize those opportunities.

The council also discussed the structure of ongoing work sessions that Mayor Greenberg would like to begin having. Greenberg has said that when a shorter council meeting is planned he woulnd like to have a work session as a way to discuss issues that don’t come in front of council in a formal way, but still might need to be addressed. It wasn’t determined if work sessions would be held before or after council meetings. The meetings are open to the public.

Greenberg said later on Wednesday that city notices for meetings will be posted online on the city’s Facebook page and on 40 South. The city does not have a Twitter account.

Residents can also sign up for meeting notifications on the city website. City staff can be contacted here. The mayor and city council can be contacted here.

He added that Sam’s Club donated $100 to the soup kitchen being run by Pentecostal Church of God Pastor Philip Centers and his wife, Mary. The monthly lunch is called Branch Outreach and Resources.


  1. Engaging the community regarding the city’s use of available funds is really a great way for Mayor Greenberg to start his term. I would love to see our Council move even farther in that direction. I echo the need and desire for input from diverse voices in our community. I was unable to attend the meeting, but from this account, it seemed productive and reflective of the community we want to become. Thanks!


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