Maplewood food truck ballot measure is a compromise between city and chamber of commerce


Maplewood voters will have the opportunity on April 4 to allow food trucks to have greater access to Maplewood residents. The proposed ordinance — Proposition B — is a compromise between the city of Maplewood and the Mid County Chamber of Commerce.

Food trucks are currently allowed only in the Light Manufacturing Zoning District, the Sunnen Business Park, and Deer Creek Shopping Center. The original ordinance was passed over 10 years ago.

When the city proposed a change to the ordinance last year to expand food truck access, the Mid County Chamber of Commerce opposed it, stating there were “grave concerns from the business community.”

The chamber and the city came to a compromise in mid-November.

  • See the proposed ordinance that will be voted on here.
  • See the chamber’s comparison of the proposed ordinance and what the chamber had wanted here.

Though the city council approved the changes, it still needs to be approved by voters by approval of  Proposition on April 4.

If the proposition passes there would be four types of permits for a food truck to operate in the city. From the proposed ordinance:

(1) Catering Permit shall be issued for the purpose of catering to a private event
that is not open to the general public. Mobile food vendors obtaining a catering
permit shall not sell, vend, or serve members of the public or any person not
participating in the private event. Payment for goods must be made to the
mobile food vendor by the sponsor of the private event, as in the case of typical
catering services; no payments may be collected by or on behalf of the vendor
from consumers. There is no fee for a catering permit.

(2) Public Use Permit shall be issued for a fee of sixty dollars ($60) for the purpose
of selling to the general public in the Light Manufacturing Zoning District and
the Sunnen Business Park PUD only.

(3) Special Use Permit shall be issued for a fee of sixty dollars ($60) for the purpose
of selling to the general public inside of the 7100 block of Manchester and shall
not be issued for use on any date coinciding with any fair, festival, special event
or civic event that has been approved by the City. The City shall issue no more
than eleven (11) special use permits per calendar year and no more than two (2)
special use permits in a single month.

(4) Festival Use Permit shall be issued for a fee of sixty dollars ($60) for the
purpose of selling to the general public as part of any fair, festival, special event,
or civic event that has been approved by the City…


  1. I am glad to hear that there was some kind of compromise. The public needs to be aware that food trucks available regularly in a city as small as Maplewood can pull business and services away from our brick and mortar restaurants and food venues as the city as a whole. And our restaurants and chefs, in recent years, have gained a considerable following and notoriety. Further, it can discourage rentals in our vacant storefronts if not creating more.. Food trucks pay license and rent AND they do not pay city taxes that support our police, fire, and streets departments. These departments must provide services for any within our city limits…emergencies, policing, cleaning, etc. Further, traffic can be a safety issue on main thoroughfares especially. My main concern regarding this compromise is number 3) presence “inside” the 7100 block of Manchester as well as the duration of the license. I have questions exact meaning. I do know where to ask. But, perhaps someone could explain that here. If not here, how will the general public know? Will there be a city newsletter before the April election? Editor? Thx!

    • Hi Pickett! The best way to find clarity on city policy is to reach out to the city manager (Micheal Reese). I’m also sure that any of our council people would be happy to speak with you about your questions. Ward 3 (our ward) council members are Shawn Faulkingham and Nick Homa. All email addresses and phone numbers can be found on the city’s website:
      Hope you can find the answers you’re looking for!

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