Maplewood History: A Message From Bill Jones


I discovered this week that our favorite internet magazine, “40 South News”, courtesy of both Doug Miner, our editor and Doug Houser, our Maplewood historian, is faithfully read by our BJC Extended Care team of outstanding physical therapy instructors.  Their spokesman was Tim Fulte. They all read our little news letter and these classy medical professionals enjoy our “news”.

While I was in therapy, Tim suddenly stood up and came across the excellent lab to where I was working out.  He asked, respectfully, “Are you the Billy Jones authoring these Harper Drugs/Ted’s Motors stories we enjoy?”  I first asked, “Should I be ashamed or honored?  You folks are so great at your jobs, I don’t wish to ‘hang my head’ and apologize.”  Tim said, “We all love them and look forward to them.”

I confessed, “I write them for my own gratification and copy them to my six living kids and seventeen grandchildren and they are forwarded to Israel, Florida, Kentucky and six other states so my kids will have their own legacy.  I get excited when I find young professionals such as yourselves enjoying my reminiscences and my anecdotes.  Mark Twain once stated “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were reminiscent of my own childhood.  Most of these stories really happened.”

This week, the appreciation from my own medical professionals caused me to hope that each of our 40 South readers consider taking time to jot down their own memories for their kids and grandchildren.  Bragging (personally), I am now a fifth generation grandfather–the only one to make it to #5 in our 200 years of family history.  The men did not live long but my Cherokee Indian grandmother made it to 107.

Devote a few minutes to your memories for your families.  It’s fun and remember that HUCK FINN is still the great American novel.

Many thanks to these BJC professionals who inspired my response today.  They are giving me back my health and balance needed to enjoy my years with each of you.  Their respect excited me and make me feel quite exciting and useful.  My appreciation to the great BJC staff (especially Tim and the entire PT staff).

“And if we should survive to 105, think of all we’ll derive just from being alive….”

Bill (Billy) Jones

MRH Class of ’45

Well said, Bill.  Get home soon.  DH


  1. I as well appreciate and look forward to your columns. While I’ve only been in Richmond Heights 28 years I love the stories from 40, 50, 60, 70, 100 years ago. Please keep it up as long as you can!

  2. As someone who has a family member who is getting up in years and deminita is setting in I now see how much can be lost if some records are not kept. I have spent time going thru photo albums and they now no longer remember who is in the pictures, who’s house that is, who used to own that car. A few simple notes on pictures could help but better would be to have kept some of the old letters and such that the family thought no one would want and tossed years ago. Some days something triggers a part of the memory and other days it is gone. I am trying to get as much as I can before it gets lost even more.

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