Maplewood History: Another One of the Mystery Toys Has Been Found.


Hi Folks,

Friday, I received the following email from Mary Katherine at the Maplewood Public Library;

Good morning, Doug, 

    I just received an unusual phone call from Nancy at Moultrie County History Center, near Decatur, Illinois. She said that a family brought in a wooden object that is labeled “El Mart Recreational Products, Maplewood, MO.” Nancy is not sure what the item is, but she said it is described on 40 South News. It’s about seven or eight inches long and makes a noise that sounds like a duck call.

A duck call?  Nobody guessed that one the first time around.  Could that really be what it is?  I have no idea. Have another look.

Maplewood History: Made in Maplewood…But What is It?

Here are a few photographs that weren’t included the first time.


  1. I’m thinking an early Halloween clacker or noise maker. Instead of the metal ones you held and clicked with your trumb. Is El Mart Recrational Products listed as a business in Maplewood? Good looking item so I am thinking must have been some sort of a woodworking company.

  2. It could be a noise maker, where the peg taps against the solid post. It might be installed off-center, so that it is locked in place /secured by moving the peg around until the circle of wood contacts the post. That way, the wing nut would not have to be loosened and tightened.


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