Maplewood History: From Bartold’s Grove to the Maplewood Mill – Part One


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I have been asked to lead the Ten Toes Walking Group from Citizens for Modern Transit on a short history walk on Friday May 3rd.  I decided to post this guide on my blog so anyone can use it that wants to.  Due to the space requirements of this guide, it will be in two parts.   Doug Houser    May 1, 2024

A good starting point is the Maplewood Metrolink station next to the Sunnen factory.  This was originally the site of Bartold’s Grove.  The inn was located on the SE corner of Manchester and Hanley.

Maplewood History: Bartold’s Grove

Maplewood History: The Exact Location of Bartold’s Inn

Just north of the Metrolink station are the buildings that were once home to the phenomenal Cupples Products Company.

Maplewood History: The Astounding Story of Maplewood’s Own – Cupples Products Corporation

Traveling east on Manchester, the Ten Toes walkers will be traversing what was once the southern boundary of the Rannells farm.  Their 1850 farmhouse, Woodside, has been fully restored.  It is not on their route but not too far away at Bredell and Folk Aves.

Maplewood History: Saving Woodside – Maplewood’s Oldest Home

Across from the city hall is an apartment complex that was once the site of the Bartold Valley School.  Only the stone wall that once surrounded the school remains.

Bartold School was eventually replaced by these buildings.

This is the back of the previous image.

Directly across Manchester on the north side is the 1929 High School designed by William Ittner and the 1938 stone pool building right next to it.  The pool building has been repurposed as our library.

The Maplewood High School under construction.  Probably early 1930s.

This building, which is now our library, was once the bathhouse and pavilion for the swimming pool.  The changing rooms were on the lower level.  The upstairs windows could be removed in warm weather.  The 50 meter competition pool was rebuilt around the year 2000.  A large shallow area was added with two slides,a lazy river and several other water features for children.

Continue east on Manchester.  The following post contains a number of early images of the intersection of Manchester and Big Bend and some of the buildings that had once been there.  The Kalb Electric building still exists just south of the intersection on Big Bend.

Maplewood History: More Historic Photos from the Kalb/Fischer Collection

Our Masonic Temple once sat where the CVS store is located today.

Maplewood History: Once Upon A Time We Had A Temple

7456 Manchester is the location of the JB Smith funeral home/Sarah Harrison house.

Maplewood History: Being Made Or At Least Re-Lived

The James Compton Sutton mansion was at one time one of the most important historic buildings in St. Louis County.  Indeed St. Louis County was born there.  It’s sad no one cared enough to preserve it.  Dobb’s Tire Service occupies that site today.

Maplewood History: Links to Sutton / Thomas Posts

Continue east on Manchester, pass the Tiffany Diner and turn right on Sutton.  Pass Strange Donuts and continue on to the Maplewood Mill complex which includes Saratoga Lanes, a rare, “upstairser” bowling alley in continuous operation since 1916!

Maplewood History: The Maplewood Planing Mill and Stair Company– Part 1

Maplewood History: The Maplewood Planing Mill and Stair Company Part 2


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