Maplewood, St. Louis combine for bridge repair grant request


Maplewood officials at the city’s council meeting Tuesday authorized City Manager Marty Corcoran to apply for a Federal Highway Competitive Bridge Program grant in conjunction with the city of St. Louis.

State inspectors have determined that the bridges over Black Creek at Folk Avenue and Weaver Place are deficient though not currently unsafe.

Corcoran said the grant is open to 25 states, which includes Missouri. St. Louis and Maplewood both qualified and applied. They were the only cities in the state to apply.

The cost to replace the Maplewood bridges is estimated at around $750,000, Corcoran said. If the grant is awarded the federal government will pay 80 percent with Maplewood paying the remainder.

The winners of the grant are expected to be announced in early 2019.


  1. The Folk Ave bridge is just east of Laclede Station. The creek they are referring to is a smaller tributary of Black Creek but, yeah it does fill up fast in heavy rains.

    • About the only creek I know of is at the bottom of the hill east of Laclede Station Rd or west of Bredell I think are the two streets. Was not sure it was even called a creek, thought it was more of a storm run off ditch but it does have water in it quite a bit of the time. It might eventually run into Deer Creek that runs under Big Bend at Sappington Rd.

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