Maplewood Mayor Knapper goes to the White House


Maplewood Mayor Nikylan Knapper attended a meeting on Thursday in Washington, D.C. at the White House. Laura Miller, Maplewood community development director, sent this statement to 40 South about the event.

City of Maplewood Mayor Nikylan Knapper was invited to attend Communities in Action: Building a Better Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri at the White House. The meeting is being held today, February 22, 2024, at the White House.

Communities in Action: Building a Better Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri is part of a White House series featuring local elected officials and community leaders working on behalf of their communities to create opportunities and improve people’s everyday lives.

Mayor Knapper posted on Instagram @mayorknapper also:

An attendee from Wisconsin gave a complete report of his trip in Feb. 2023 in the Milwaukee Independent, for an idea of what takes place in these meetings:

The invitation stated that the day would include remarks and discussions with Senior Biden-Harris Administration officials on pressing issues in Wisconsin. The only request beyond that of our attendance was to be prepared to share priorities in our community and comments on how the policies put and place and legislation signed into law by this president have impacted Wisconsin.

See the full report.


  1. You can talk about equity and liberation all you want but you show up smiling to a photo opportunity at genocide Joe’s house, that tells us what we need to know. Fake radical helping launder old Joe’s dirty in an election year smh.

    • She will say and do anything to give the illusion that she is “working for Maplewood.” Also did we/Maplewood pay for this trip? We know she loves wasting our tax dollars-just ask the guy we had to pay off who she couldn’t work with.

      Maplewood needs to break up with Mayor Knapper.

  2. So proud of our mayor and Maplewood!! Change can sometimes be hard, but it’s really worth it. I hope she is able to keep her seat in April and can continue to work hard for our community. Thank you Mayror Knapper. We appreciate you!

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