Maplewood P&Z approves another Airbnb


The Maplewood Plan and Zoning Commission on Monday approved another Airbnb in the city and also additional food trucks to use Christ Church as a commissary. The commission met in the meeting room of the new Maplewood firehouse.

The short-term rental — an Airbnb — was approved at 7553 Woodland Avenue. The owner, Ellis Athanas, said he would be at the house when it is rented, which is required by the Maplewood ordinance. He said he would be renting one bedroom and the use of a bathroom and kitchen.

A neighbor in the block behind the house said she and her husband have no expectations on how it will work out and that she would call the city if there are any problems. The short-term rental is a conditional use and can be revoked.

The commission’s approval will go to the city council, which will consider it at its meeting on Feb. 13 and hold a public hearing and final vote on Feb. 27. This would be the fourth short-term rental the city approved since the ordinance was passed allowing them.

The commission also approved two additional trucks (from four to six) using Christ Church (2200 Bellevue Avenue) as a commissary.

Ron Gaus, from the church, said it is supported by about 60 active members, and a couple years ago they decided to use the building as an asset. He said maintaining the building costs about $50,000 annually.

Since then the church has bee rented out to groups for GED classes and AA meetings, in addition to the use as a food truck commissary. He said the additional income has allowed them to support the church’s mission and pay for a pastor.