Maplewood real estate hottest in STL County; metro area:

136 ranks 63143 (Maplewood) as the hottest real estate market in St. Louis County and the metro area in Q2 2018 (second quarter).

Brentwood is fifth hottest in the county and metro area. Richmond Heights is 11th in the county and 14th in the metro area.

Nationally, Maplewood is ranked at 457, Brentwood is 843 and Richmond Heights is at 1,684.

The St. Louis metro area is ranked as ‘slightly hot,’ as the 101st hottest region in the country.

The rankings are based on MLS-listed for-sale homes in the data base.

Screen shot from showing St. Louis County.



  1. My dad was right 20 years ago that it would, “come around” he grew up here and his business as was his fathers was in Maplewood. I ended up in one of his rental houses and purchased a few years later. While yes, lots of positive advances, the taxes are Ridiculous and everything is still done the Good Ol Boys Club, way.. … Just like our Congress…City has 1 way for Them and a different set of rules and standards for the paying citizen. More people need to stand up and voice their opinions for it to stop.

  2. Oh, and 40 cops per the 2 mile radius that of which Maplewood is. Just two years ago the Mayor outlawed air bnb, and the tax base of the city went berserk. “Why”, because many here were/are rent sharing, inflating the real value of real estate. The Mayor had to put out a message on the “Maple leaf” town newsletter (ALONG w crime statistics, presumably REQUIRED by the govt ~~ lol?) ban it to reflect what’s really going on! This article is fluff. 90% of realtors quit their first year, so, what has changed aside from this facade is simply how it looks, nothing to those who get the bigger picture.

  3. Yay for Maplewood! I grew up here as a child and bought my own home here in 1990 as well. I love Maplewood!

  4. Best kept secret a secret no more! Lots of change. Challenge will be to maintain a balance so this great community doesn’t lose the atmosphere of community. And we all can afford to live here too! Hard to do.

  5. Property taxes also going up, up and up. After 10 years, your taxes equals the price you paid + repairs. A house is a place to live. Nothing more, nothing less. If your lucky and your next door neighbor has chickens or a barking dog you just payed to much.

    • Agree w this

      The business landscape is exactly the same as it was years ago w a new facade

      Most of the workforce of these new jobs are also youth transient workers who come in using metro.

      The irony of advertising/marketing real estate in a city where everyone wants their child home schooled is as ironic as the fact that nobody here wants the urgent care center to be put in next to white castle (the old Rafferty automotive space).

      If this doesnt give people an idea of how unsustainable the REAL (non political) climate in maplewood is, then nothing will. The 2 mile radius “progressive” city known mainly for its restaurant landscape didnt want a Sustainable (tax paying) business such as an urgent care center (long term) to be there but cries about the jaguar/range rover dealership on Manchester that no one can afford. Let’s all talk about things we cant control now then behind closed doors do the opposite as nuisance laws are also common here—hilarity.

      Maplewood is the new U city wo the trolley, as it’s simply the “new” transit hub for youth. Goodluck Maplewood.

    • You hit the nail on the head w your assessment about the neighbors here. This is why there are such strong nuisance laws/ordinances here, Harold. They have so many police and regulations because they expect there to be problems, unlike stlouis city where cops turn the other cheek. This article is a joke man. Also, NEW real estate next to the multiple old homes will not do much except INCREASE the taxes. Real appreciation rates dont see a diff til about 10 years either, as you mentioned Harold! The assessed value Will Undoubtedly go up which is what they’re marketing, but people there arent happy. The business facade is the same as many posters believe to be “changed” but Real estate marketing is like how ppl view the media!

    • Hotness rating is another term for assessed value, I’m guessing?! (Which is why Mayor White tried to ban Airbnb a year ago as a strategy for this). The assessed value Will Undoubtedly go up which is what they’re marketing essentially. Just how you stated appreciation rates take 10 years, doesnt give one a real poll of things here. Take for instance adding a new HOME in Maplewood, when the majority of homes may not be–This actually increases the tax burden unless The businesses can compete w this). The facade is the same as many posters believe to be “changed” but Real estate marketing so complicated and more regulated than people really understand, maplewood goodluck.

  6. This is a far cry from when I moved here 35 years ago. At that time it was much more looked down on from our family from just about all of them that lived in St Louis. Was considered run down and tired and full of old homes. Now it is celebrated as a place to be with things that folks desire.

    Myself I like the small town feel of going to the concerts or street events and running into folks you know, the being able to hit about all the major highways or main roads without having to travel for miles, can be downtown, west county or the airport very easily. And we have just about everything you need to find including places to eat, hardware store, groceries, computer fix it places, bookstores, antiques and collectibles, exercise places, good schools, doctors, yoga and dance studios, parks you name it. So you really don’t have to go far to get what you want.

  7. Doesn’t surprise me. Very centrally located in St. Louis. Lots of things to do nearby. Maplewood strip keeps getting better and better.

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