Michael Reese settlement with the city is made public


Eliza Coriell, co-owner of The Crow’s Nest restaurant and supporter of Barry Greenberg, posted on Facebook the employment agreement and final settlement between former Maplewood city manager, Michael Reese and the city of Maplewood. She obtained both from the city through a Sunshine Law request.

They are posted here as a matter of record.

1) Reese_Employ_Agrmt_plus_Amends

2) Reese_Settlement_2023_0915

Michael Reese former Maplewood city manager, whose last day with the city was Sept. 30, 2023.


  1. I was hopeful that this would shed light, but as feared/expected it reads pretty much like a settlement agreement where neither party admits fault and both agree to confidentiality. It’s really difficult to sort out what happened, since those who should know are bound by confidentiality, and those who are talking are at best inferring from second-hand info.

    Reminds me of the item that came out in the Post on Maryland Heights, which appears to blame a previous oversight on the former city administrator “Jim Krischke, who was suspended in May 2020 and later agreed to a “separation agreement” with the city that entitled him to six months of his salary and health benefits, plus $5,000, city documents show.”

    I do think in both cases the cities involved could do a better job explaining at least categorically how something like this can happen (without going into the confidential details), but I’m sure they’re cautioned by attorneys to just say nothing and let it go.

  2. Hmmm. Maybe it’s just my computer, but the employment agreement doesn’t seem to have a link attached. The settlement agreement comes up with no problems. Can you advise?

    • Nancy, Sorry, that’s been fixed. Thanks for the catch. And fyi, an annoying thing about this WordPress site is that anytime I alter a previously posted article it puts it back up at the top.

  3. Just my thoughts! I am not a lawyer either, but from reading this, there seems that there was some kind of PHYSICAL altercation. From this altercation, he claims to have received PHYSICAL injuries and emotional distress. I have to believe that these claims could have been proven, since the Mayor decided to settle this out of court. It’s kind of like, (you don’t need a PARDON if you are innocent and did nothing wrong). You do not settle out of court, if you can prove the allegations are false and never happened!!! In my personal opinion, the Mayor, or whoever had a PHYSICAL altercation with Mr. Reese.

    • “actual physical damages” are not the same as “personal injuries” no matter how many times the Knapper fans repeat it.

      There was something physical here. Period.

  4. Im not an attorney either, would like to know the same thing. There seems to be an egregious pattern lacking transparency with our current mayor. Yet, the mayor refuses to address the general public as if it is none of our business as tax payers. Mayor, think about how this appears to tax paying citizens of Maplewood.

  5. So basically what I’m understanding here is that there must have been enough merit to whatever claims of malfeasance that the mayor decided it was better to settle outside of court and keep everything quiet rather than risk a possibly public litigation? I am not an attorney so maybe someone more knowledgeable in this area can explain?

    • Jon, I believe you’re right. And it’s not just the mayor’s decision, it’s also probably the city attorney, or other attorney representing the city, who decided it’s in the city’s best interest to pay this employee to go away and keep quiet about it.


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