MRH students walk out for tighter gun laws: Post-Dispatch reports


Maplewood Richmond Heights students joined a nationwide school walk-out to advocate for stricter gun laws. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch was there.


  1. It’s not complicated and these kids are smart. For people who are older and think we don’t need stricter gun laws, it’s not because they’re wiser, it’s just because they don’t see any problem with guns being the number 1 killer of children in this country. These assault rifles aren’t for self protection and they’re definitely not for protecting citizen government. They’re for massacres.

    Like anyone understands this better than these kids. They’ve been doing school massacre drills since before they can remember. This is not inevitable – it’s a policy choice. And for people who support the status quo, it’s because our kids lives’ aren’t worth spit to them.

  2. As I look back at myself as a teenager…and for a 75 year old woman, that’s a LONG way to look, I realize how little I understood about life and the world around me. I believe that many young people today have a much clearer, broader worldview. However, they haven’t had the years it takes to figure it all out, the details, the problems, the solutions for the many problems of this life and world. So, I applaud these teenagers for taking peaceful, intelligent action in response to a problem that is greater than any of us! And I thank them for caring enough to make their voices heard.

  3. Yes, strict gun laws have not worked in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, most of Europe. Oh, wait…

  4. It’s unfortunate that they don’t understand that ‘stricter gun laws’ will not solve the current problem. It is much, much more complex a problem than that.


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