Parkmoor, MRH, robbery in the news


KSDK recalls the Parkmoor, Riverfront Times reports on immigrant Alex Garcia taking sanctuary in Christ Church, basketball and wrestling in the news.

From Twitter, news about Brentwood graduate Sophia Rivera, a freshman on the Wisconsin Badgers track and field team:


  1. Our first date. We think of all our friends sitting in our cars with the curb hops bringing our food. That has been over 52 years ago and I would love to bring that girl now my wife of 48 years back for one more burger and malt.

  2. I wish someone would open another Parkmoor Restaurant. Of course, nothing would replace the original one, but with all these restaurants opening. It would be nice. The Parkmoor Restaurant at Big Bend and Clayton Rds. had good food, and I loved the view from Oak Knoll Park. Chocolate shakes were delicious.


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