Pet Mayor Election


Calling all DemoCats, RePuplicans, and all those in between who are looking to make their paw mark on the political landscape in Maplewood and Richmond Heights. Your time has come!

The Mid County Chamber of Commerce, with sponsorship by CNB St. Louis Bank,  is facilitating an election to name our community’s first ever Pet Mayor of Mid County. The 2022-2023 Pet Mayor will serve as an ambassador of goodwill for Maplewood and Richmond Heights for a period of one year. All pets are welcome to run for this prestigious honor- dogs, cats, pigs, hamsters, goldfish, etc.

Unlike human elections, the Pet Mayor election can and will be bought. All proceeds benefit the Mid County Chamber of Commerce.  Nominations can be submitted online from August 1-August 21 for $25 followed by online voting from August 24September 21.  Votes are a $1 each.  The Inauguration Collaring Ceremony for our Pet Mayor will take place on September 28th at the Summer Concert Series at Ryan Hummert Park.

All information regarding nominations and elections, as well as eligibility guidelines and desired qualities of Pet Mayor, can be found on the Mid County Chamber of Commerce website.