Petition forces 3/4 majority vote for Richmond Heights apartments


Richmond Heights officials on Monday are set to hear the second reading — meaning a final vote could take place — on bills that would give developer Joe Cyr the green light to build the Boland Place mixed use development, including 187 apartments, at Dale and Boland.

The city council meeting is Monday at The Heights at 7:30 p.m.

Richmond Heights resident, Paul W. Lore, told 40 South News that a petition — “certified protests” — is on file to require the city council to pass the bills with a three fourths majority.

Lore also said the city received approximately 125 separate petitions opposing the project at the Jan. 19 city council meeting.

“A standing room only crowd voiced near unanimous opposition to this massive structure that violates the city’s own zoning regulations, and would dominate rather than compliment its near one hundred year-old neighborhood,” Lore said.

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On Friday, the St. Louis urban commentary website, nextSTL, called it “smart development for Dale.” Richmond Heights District 2 council candidate Derek Bolden accused the writer of bias, siding with the developer.


  1. I can’t attend the meeting tonight, and I hope you will post the vote by each council person. I’ll vote accordingly in the next election. I haven’t heard from a single resident who opposes development. Most just don’t care for the size and density of renters. I don’t think the council has done enough research about the impact to the city to approve this project.


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