Plan & zoning approves permits for Revel Kitchen and car repair/sale on Big Bend


The plan and zoning commission met Monday night and considered permits for Revel Kitchen to operate at the former Jack in a Box location (7520 Manchester Road) and an expansion at VR Wholesale International Car Sale and Repair (2800 S. Big Bend and 7480 Hazel Avenue).

The commission unanimously approved both, according to Maplewood Director of Public Works Anthony Traxler.

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There was more conversation about the auto business than Revel Kitchen someone from the meeting commented.

The car business grandfathers in, but needs a conditional use permit for some of the details.

Commission members, owners of the car dealership and two residents had a long conversation about a couple issues. A problem is that trucks are causing ruts in the alley and leave ruts in the corner of one neighbor’s yard — there’s no protection from that.

Another neighbor was concerned about traffic in the alley. The new owners have cleared junk in the back, which has caused some added traffic. At the end he and the owner shook hands.


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