Planned leveling and seeding at proposed apartment complex lot doesn’t happen


The developer of the proposed Boland Place apartments, Joseph Cyr, had agreed with the city to level and seed the vacant property on Saturday, a source said. The work didn’t happen.

Boland Place, at Boland and Dale, was approved by Richmond Heights council members in Feb. 2016. Cyr recently said work on the development will begin in September.

Update: The same source that said the work didn’t happen, said some leveling and seeding took place on Sunday. Though no dirt was added to fill the large holes.

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  1. After he levels it and seeds it is he going to keep it watered until it starts growing and then keep it watered and mowed

    • Extension after extension after extension!!! No consequences for this joker! This city council we have just sit back and take it because they don’t want to look like idiots for even believing this place was ever going to get off the ground in the first place!!! We basically have a bunch of folks that can’t admit that they were wrong to override the will of the people that actually live in this neighborhood!! And this Developer that just can’t accept defeat and give it up! Remember folks! There were MANY of us that knew this was a pipe dream from the get go!!!! I say level it and seed it and take that HIDEOUS fence down! This so called project has made our neighborhood look junked up for too long! Someone needs to piss or get off the por! And that goes for both parties!!!!’

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