Voters guide: RH candidates answer city questionnaire


The city of Richmond Heights asked the candidates for city council and mayor four questions and posted their answers on the city website as part of a voters guide.

These are the questions; go the the Richmond Heights website to see each candidate’s answers.

  1. What personal information about yourself and your family would you like to share with voters in Richmond Heights?
  2. What information about your career or occupation would you like to share with voters?
  3. What information about your political experience would you like to share with voters?
  4. In your opinion, what are the three most important issues put before the City of Richmond Heights?

Candidates for office in Richmond Heights are below. The link for each district goes to a sample ballot.

  • District 1 —  city council candidates: Greg Vescovo, Jr., Mark Mueller, Joan Provaznik
  • District 2 — city council candidates: Rick Vilcek, Derek Bolden
  • District 3 — city council candidate: Megan Moylan
  • District 4 —  city council candidates: Charles Connors, Danny Hebenstreit
  • Mayor: Jim Thomson, James Beck
  • St. Louis County Proposition B
  • MRH School District Proposition Y — a sample ballot above may show this on your ballot, but it depends on your address, if you are in the MRH school district.

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  1. It’s recently been reported that the Heights polling place (as well as other polling centers in the region) have run out of ballots. *** FYI, any voter registered in St. Louis County can cast their ballots at the Board of Elections office, located at: 12 Sunnen Drive, in Maplewood, MO *** PLEASE pass along this information. Thank you! AND thank you in advance for your YES vote on MRH Prop Y 🙂


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