Richmond Heights officials OK doubling mosquito spraying


Richmond Heights city officials on Monday approved covering the cost for added equipment and personnel to increase spraying for mosquitoes from once to twice a week. City Manager Amy Hamilton said the city had received requests. She said the increase would be from $1,500 to $3,000.

After the meeting, Hamilton said each summer when mosquitoes increase the city has requests for more spraying. She said this year, with reports that mosquitoes have tested positive for the West Nile virus (no humans affected), the city decided to increase spraying to twice a week.

Hamilton also introduced a city campaign to encourage drivers to obey speed limits on neighborhood streets. It will include signs and radar speed limit signs that will move around town, also an online campaign.


  1. Does it even matter How many times they spray? It’s a losing battle. Either kill the bugs or I have to cover my children in chemicals. At this point we can’t even play in our backyard. I LITERALLY have to take my kids out of Maplewood Richmond Heights to enjoy a day outside. It’s awful.

  2. The spray kills all flying insects.

    Spraying, especially twice a week(!), is a big environmental action and has widespread effects on everyone. At the very least it should be up for more debate. The environmental consequences are mostly negative. Mosquitoes are awful, but we need to combat them in better ways than this.

  3. Ugh I hate the spray and hate how it kills beneficial insects and fireflies. Spraying twice is worse than pointless.

  4. The decision to double up on spraying is twice as bad as spraying in the first place. Environmental damage in exchange for the temporary human comfort.

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