Richmond Heights P&Z discusses Airbnb: another update: they voted


The Richmond Heights Planning and Zoning Commission Thursday night discussed allowing residents to use their homes to operate an Airbnb short-term rental business, and according to a resident they were unfavorable to the idea.

Update: apologies for this now being the second update. A Richmond Heights resident reported that the commission voted against Airbnbs 8-0, which was reported here. Then city manager, Amy Hamilton said no vote was taken — the plan was to just listen at the Feb. 15 meeting, a public hearing, and vote at the next. But apparently they did vote. Mayor Jim Thomson confirmed it Saturday at The Heights. He said the council will now discuss it.

In December the city council said the city would: allow regulations, enact a ban, or continue to enforce existing zoning code which does not allow short-term rentals in residentially zoned areas. The council sent the idea to planning and zoning.

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  1. Thay did take a vote of No and sent it back to the council for them to take it up. The vote was 8 to 0 for No. The City Council will take it up later

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