Richmond Heights resident charged with toothpaste theft


A Richmond Heights resident with multiple aliases was charged with stealing toothpaste in North County, according to police and court records.

Eddie A. Wilson (aliases: Goo Goopie, Wilson Antwayne Goopie, Eddie Thomas, Goo, Gue Wilson, Carl Shelton and Eddie Antwann Wilson), age 47, of the 7700 block of West Bruno was charged with stealing 11 packages of toothpaste from the Family Dollar store on St. Charles Rock Road in Breckenridge Hills on April 14.

A witness from the store identified Wilson from a photograph. The theft was also captured on security video. He was arrested six weeks later. Wilson was it was possible that he had stolen from the Family Dollar but could not remember doing so, possibly because he was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

He had three previous stealing offenses in the past 10 years.



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