Richmond Heights streets to be resurfaced, sealed


Richmond Heights officials Monday night approved Pace Construction Company to resurface seven city streets this summer. More streets will be sealed, to extend their life.

Bellevue, Ethel, Hoover, Mabel, Dale and El Moro avenues, and Commodore Drive will all be resurfaced this spring, according to the city on Twitter.

In addition to resurfacing those streets, Pace will also apply an thin sealant to the asphalt on other streets that are in good condition, which a Pace representative at the meeting said would extend their life for an additional four to seven years. After the sealant is applied a substance he described as “kitty litter” will be applied for about a day, then swept off.

The asphalt sealer will be applied to Williams, Boneta, Beulah, La Veta, Del Norte and Warner avenues, Silverton Place, and Arlington Drive.