New candidate on the ballot in August in Maplewood, Brentwood, Richmond Heights due to redistricting


Sarah Unsicker, the state rep in Shrewsbury and to the south, will be the rep for Maplewood, Brentwood and Richmond Heights if she wins re-election in November.  She will be on the ballot here instead of Jo Doll in the August 2 primary elections.

It’s because of redistricting due to the 2020 census. The 83rd district’s representative changed from Jo Doll to Sarah Unsicker when the boundaries of the 83rd and the 91st changed.

Unsicker lives in Shrewsbury, putting her in the new 83rd, along with residents of Maplewood, Brentwood, Richmond Heights and Shrewsbury. Doll lives in Webster Groves, which will put her in the new 91st. Doll’s term doesn’t expire this year.

Both Unsicker and Doll are Democrats.

Unsicker has been a Missouri State Rep since 2017. She attended Washington University School of Law with former 83rd rep, Gina Mitten. Unsicker said Wednesday in a meeting with 40 South News that Mitten had recruited her to run as a state rep.

The Missouri House is Republican-controlled, as is the senate and the governor’s office. Unsicker said though the hot topics suck out much of the oxygen, she’s still been able to work with the Republicans to make progress on issues involving utilities, human trafficking, kids and families, and foster care.

For more information about Sarah Unsicker:

Missouri State Rep Sarah Unsicker




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