Schnucks grocery opens

Mayor Greenberg cuts the ribbon at Schnucks opening ceremony.

Schnucks Grocery opened their doors to the Maplewood community this morning at 7 a.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9. Todd Schnuck, CEO of Schnucks, was present at the ceremony.

The store features plenty of fresh meat and produce, including a section dedicated to locally made products.

“[Local products] are very important to us. Whenever we can go local, we will,” Paul Simon, a senior communications specialist for Schnucks, said.

Store Manager Matt Eisenbath also said, “We’re gonna have plenty of local items featured, and a lot of organics as well.”

“It’s all about getting involved in the community,” Eisenbath added, saying he believed the Schnucks would greatly benefit the town.

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  1. I’d have to agree with Hmm that the new Schnucks does seem very much like a clean shop n save. I am pleased, though, not disappointed.

  2. I shop weekly and always buy the same things. Schnuck’s did not have two things I use regularly, and, the things they did have were all more money. I was really surprised to have my groceries bagged. Is that worth the extra $? I don’t know. I really like the Shop n Save in Shrewsbury, but, their days are probably numbered too. I would like to spend my money in Maplewood, so will shop at Schnuck’s when Shop n Save closes in Shrewsbury.

  3. I will shop this smaller Maplewood store over the larger “warehouse” style Richmond Heights store. It reminds me of the sorely missed Schnucks at Hanley and Clayton. I hope it is successful!

  4. Schnucks runs a first class operation and Maplewood is lucky they made the deal to keep a grocery store in the community. You can’t have a city of any consequence without a grocery.

  5. It is a shame that Schnucks decided to open such a low quality store in Maplewood. They could have done so much better. No bakery, no meat counter, fish section is small, same layout as Shop and Save with very little improvements. Schnucks decided to keep selling the small liquor bottles in the center of the check out and behind the customer service desk. Not the message of a family store. A real shame on a missed opportunity.

    • There probably wasn’t a way to expand the store and offer more options in the timeframe they wanted. Like I said before, it is interesting Schnucks was in such a rush to get this store open. Clearly they view the demand as being there. Plus I’m guessing they’d like to take some of the heat off of the Richmond Heights store which can be an unpleasant shopping experience when it’s too busy.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime soon they make the beauty supply store move and expand stuff like the bakery, meat and fish into that area. They did the same thing at Richmond Heights like 5 or 6 years ago.

    • Schnucks did what they could with the building the way it was left. It’s definitely smaller than the store on Clayton Road but they carry most of the same stuff. Still, Schnucks’ meat and produce is way better than anything Shop n Save had.

  6. The layout of the new Schnucks is a lot like what the Shop n Save had before they rearranged the aisles last year. It doesn’t have the seedy character about it that Shop n Save did (which I liked) but I’m glad there’s something there now. I never realized how convenient it was until it was gone.

    • Glad to see the seediness end. Hopefully the junkies shooting up in the parking lot, prostitutes and other assorted miscreants will be a thing of the past…

    • Not a fan of the “seediness”. Hopefully Schnucks will do a better job of policing the parking lot and the junkies shooting up in their cars, prostitutes and other assorted miscreants are a thing of the past….

  7. Went tonight. Did not see a huge change in layout from the S&S. Everything pretty much was located in the same areas as before, but Schnucks’ nice fresh look and quality products were very evident. Since I did not see the large flower/plant section, nor was there a nice bakery with fresh breads, and the fresh seafood section was on the small side, I would say it’s more on a par with the Brentwood store or the one in Webster on Big Bend rather than the RH store. Still a very welcome addition to our local scene.

  8. Went there today, LOVE IT ! Very clean, lots of selections, very friendly, helpful, and smiling personnel. So happy it’s part of Maplewood. Will be my home store. It was a pleasure to shop there.

  9. Me and my husband visited yesterday . It is a way big step up from our usual store we shop at on lindell Blvd. Nicer buggies and a huge selection of ice creams and produce meat !

  10. Very much a Schnucks store. Fresh and clean. A woman commented to me that she likes it WAY better than RH. Why? Store same but parking lot SO much better. It will offer so much more additional selection than Shop and Save had and certainly more than you can get at Aldi’s. However, there are several more expensive things than prices we enjoyed at Shop & Save. I largely shopped the sales.

    • This weekend they set out two baskets filled with a basic grocery list. Mike, cereal etc. One was S&S with the bottom line price and the second basket was filled with the same items and the Schnucks bottom line. The Schnucks basket cost less. We really missed having a grocery store so close and are grateful that Schnucks opened so quickly. Not surprised they did not have time to totally reconfigure the store. But I suspect they will listen to the community suggestions and bring in what will work in Maplewood.

      Now if we could get a dry cleaner in one of the empty spaces…. that would fill a void.

    • My wife went last night and said it looks exactly like the Shop N Save did. I’ll have to check it out myself. But even if they don’t renovate/reconfigure to make it more like their newer stores, in my experience Schnucks has better meat, deli, bakery, and produce, making the switch a net positive.

      • I tried it tonight and I agree with your wife. It’s closer to a Brentwood version of the store. Generally a big improvement imo.

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