Side Project Brewing buys lot on Hazel Avenue, residents are concerned about commercial intrusion on block — now updated


Two Hazel Avenue residents told the Maplewood City Council on Tuesday that an empty lot on their street that backs up to Side Project Brewing has been sold to the brewery. Resident Steve Terelmes said the fence that divides the lot with the brewery has been removed, which is against code.

He said, reading from a statement signed by all 20 Hazel Avenue residents and given to the council members, that the property was recently sold by Dan Lesseg to Side Project Brewing. He said the Hazel Avenue residents want the fence replaced and the zoning of the property to remain residential.

See the statement here: 20231212 Hazel Ave Letter to Maplewood City Council

John Niehaus, who lives next to the lot, said houses on Hazel Ave. were in danger of being torn down 15 years ago by a developer, and that danger still remains.

Later in the meeting council member Shawn Faulkingham said he agrees with Niehaus, that Maplewood needs to keep its housing stock.

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The empty lot on Hazel Avenue that was recently purchased by Side Project Brewing. The back of the brewery is visible because a previous fence was removed.

UPDATE: As of at least Dec. 14 a new fence has been erected between Side Project and the empty lot recently bought by Side Project, but still zoned residential.


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