‘Bumper crop’ of sunflowers this year for Maplewood couple; city again says cut them back


Rose Merello said there’s a ‘bumper crop’ of sunflowers this year on their lot at the corner of Lyndover Place and Oakview Terrace in Maplewood.

She and her husband, Kevin Merello were cited in 2016 for going against an ordinance for allowing the flowers to block the view for drivers at the corner. They cut and tied them back.

This year the city has again told the Merellos to cut the flowers back. Rose said Saturday morning that she was going to cut down the flowers in the tree lawn that day. They’re also giving flowers away from a bucket on the corner.

She said they don’t plant the flowers; they grow from seed each year. She said they like to watch the goldfinches eat the seeds on the flowers.


The Morellos have a bumper crop of sunflowers this year.
The alley of sunflowers will open up soon. The city has asked the owners to cut down the flowers in the tree lawn.
A bucket of sunflowers on the sidewalk are free for the taking.



  1. Sunflowers are quite intrusive. If grown to go to seed, quite a mess too. Easily blown/weighted down. Should always be grown away from walkways/streets. Maplewood has always regulated street/walkways —one of the reasons to incorporate in the first place! I read the minutes of city council meetings from 1908 through 1930. MUCH in them about streets/walkways with regulations needed and some consideration for changing times, past and future (e.g. Early Maplewood, Mrs. —- got her cow (on her property) grandfathered in, especially as it has been and was a prime support for her family.) Maplewood is the sought-after Community it is today because we have moved forward with the regulations we all need to co-exist and consideration of individual needs!

  2. I don’t think she should have to cut them down. It’s her yard. These ordinances feel very limiting, who knows where it will lead next. I love that yard.

    • Yeah it’s not like a car may need to see around a corner or people walking through don’t want to have to brush up against a large section of plants or anything.

  3. I enjoy the sunflowers but understand how the city wants the treelawn especially at the corner clear for visibility for drivers and pedestrians. I’ve tried to grow the mammoth sunflowers for seed in my garden but haven’t had the same success in growing them.

  4. They’re not here long. Perhaps drivers should slow down, enjoy the sunflowers and let nature have its treat. Maplewood would do better with finding more important things to focus on other than pick on a gorgeous crop of appreciated flowers.

    • Yeah, just most of the summer. Who needs to see what is coming down the street from another direction.

  5. Hey I grabbed some of those sunflowers, they’re beautiful. It’s a shame you have to cut them down but safety first! Thanks!!

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