Sushi, ramen, yakitori bar set to take Church’s Chicken location

Robata, a sushi bar, is moving to the former Church's Chicken.

The owner of a South Grand ‘Asian fusion’ restaurant, Sekisui, open for 10 years but now closed, is relocating to the former Church’s Chicken location at 7260 Manchester Road, in Maplewood. The new restaurant will be called Robata—a sushi, ramen and yakitori bar.

Sushi at Sekisui, credit: Sekisui Facebook
Sushi at Sekisui, credit: Sekisui Facebook

Maplewood planning and zoning OK’d the permit Monday. It will go to the city council next Tuesday for final approval.

Owner Tom Chantharasy said he likes Maplewood, but didn’t see any open spaces until Church’s Chicken closed. He said it’s on the small side, but robata restaurants usually are, also, they’ll keep the drive-thru.

“We’re really excited,” Chantharasy said. “I know there’s really no good sushi between here and downtown, as far as 40. That’s what we’re really know for, but we’re trying to get the ramen and yakitori going also. It’s very old, but no one’s really done it yet.”

He said yakitori is like a small skewer.

“We already have most of the equipment—just have to clean up the space and make it our own. Hope to have a good-sized patio built in.” Chantharasy said they’d like to open by February.

See more about the former restaurant, Sekisui, on Facebook, along with lots of positive comments about the move to Maplewood.

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  1. Yay! I was a little worried about this location. Best possible news! I anticipate eating so much more sushi now.

  2. Gotta say, I’m starting to feel a little spoiled with all the great restaurants opening up here in Maplewood. Looking forward to this place opening though!

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